Practice Management

Beth Sergiou

Beth Sergiou manages the Practice, and is available during normal office hours, Monday to Thursday if you have any queries or problems.

Taya Caunt

Taya Caunt is our Operations Manager available Monday to Wednesday and Friday.

Administrative Staff

Our secretaries are Nicki, Kaye and Sue.

Nicki and Kaye are responsible for surgery correspondence and liaison between Doctors and outside agencies.

Our administrative staff Stella and Mel deal with all matters relating to patient records, our appointments system and patient services.

Sue deals with our Chronic Disease review call system.

Alicia and Ackshana are our Clinical Correspondence Administrators who deal with all incoming medical documents.

Janice Edwards is our Prescription Clerk.

Lorna is our website coordinator. She looks after our website queries and directs them to the appropriate teams.

Clinical Staff

Eliot Huxley is our GP Assistant.

Reception Staff

Our reception staff, Louise, Clare, Sue, Michaela, Kasia, Renata, Vienna, Nikki, Rachael and Stephanie (on Maternity leave) deal with appointments, and telephone enquiries. They are the ‘front line’ and always try to be helpful.